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19 November 2004

Active development is happening on the i200m module to update it to the latest Linux kernel versions. Testers are needed; if you are interested, please respond via the mailing list.

25 January 2002

Source code for the XRDev development environment has been checked into the SourceForge CVS servers. Please see the mailing list for further details.

25 August 2001

Source code has been checked in to the SourceForge CVS servers. It can be accessed by clicking the CVS link under the project page.

Notably absent is the XRDev source, which has been withheld until licensing issues related to the proprietary Arcnet controller code can be reolved.

A mailing list, "nomadic-announce", has been created for future updates.

21 June 2001

In November of 2000, Nomadic Technologies, Inc. was bought by 3com, Inc. Recently, 3com agreed to release source code to all drivers, libraries, and applications which run on the Nomad series of robots (Scout, Scout II, Nomad 150, Nomad 200, and XR4000).

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