Robotd for Super Scout robots

This program acts as a server for Nomad Super Scout robots to Nomadic's Host Development environment.  The latest release is version 1.3.0.  The RPM distribution was built against glibc-2.1 and will not install on robots running earlier versions, which includes robots running versions of RedHat Linux earlier than 6.0.   See below for upgrade instructions.  If you do not wish to upgrade your robot, you may download the source code tarball and compile it for your distribution.




Older releases of Scout software can be found here.


You will need PDF viewer software to view and print these documents. Click here to download Adobe's Acrobat(r) Reader software.

Scout User's Manual version 1.3

Scout Language Reference Manual version 1.3

Upgrading your Scout Hard Drive

Instructions for upgrading your robot to the latest release of Red Hat Linux can be found here.

Useful Links

For users with Captivator PCI framegrabber cards (which use BrookTree 848 chips), the latest BBTV drivers can be found here. More information on the Video4Linux project can be had here.

For users with Matrox Meteor framegrabber cards, driver information can be found here.

Look here for information on the Festival speech synthesis system from the Centre for Speech Technology at the University of Edinburgh.


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