Robot Control Software

This is the server side of XRDev. It contains the Nrobot daemon as well as new embedded code for your XR4000. It also contains the hardware and software manuals in PDF and PostScript formats. Download this distribution onto your robot and unpack it in a temporary directory; then see the README file for further instructions.


For users who wish to upgrade their operating system to use a new version of RedHat Linux, the following disribution is provided so that the robot device related software may be rebuilt against a new kernel version. Unpack the distribution in a temporary directory and refer to the README in the robot-modules directory for installation instructions.


User Development Software

These distributions contain the graphical user interface, client library, software manual, and many example programs for use in the XRDev development environment. Select the appropriate distribution for your machine and unpack it in a temporary directory; then see the README file for further instructions:




The following manuals are contained in the control software release and the development software release, respectively; however, if you wish to download the manuals individually, links are provided here:

XR4000 Hardware Manual: xr4000hw-1.0.pdf.gz

XRDev User's Manual: xrdev-1.0.pdf.gz


Last modified 13 July 2001 by jake